Event housing made easy.

Rated Travel is simplifying the process of securing hotels requirements for event holders across all spectrums of sport and corporate. By utilizing RT, the organizer is able to earn revenue back based on the hotel rooms booked over the duration of the event.

How we make you more?

1. Best Price – We contract the best hotels and ensure your event gets the best price. On top of that, your organization can earn anywhere from $5-$20 back per night stay.

2. More Options – choice of hotels is important to your customers/teams. We do our best to secure hotels that are group friendly, safe and popular hospitality brands.

3. Simplify the booking experience – The system is designed for sports teams, corporate groups and event directors to make the booking experience seamless.

The Perks for event organizers:

1. White glove service – We will assign an account specialist to work with you from the start to finish. We can provide staff rooms, function spaces, staff rate blocks and much more.

2. Making the process simple – We will handle everything for hotels – negotiating rates, signing contracts, hotel booking site and closing all reservations with hotels. We are available during your event for customer support to answer questions and resolve any problems.

3. Access your data in real-time – We will give you password protected access to all of the reservation data in our customized system, which is always up to date. You can view and print reports on the go.

Service the client:

1. Online Reservations – Teams can do everything online – make reservations for up to 200 rooms at a time, break down group reservations into separate team blocks, submit their rooming list, make all changes, and print off the confirmation numbers for each room.

2. Client Support – Your customer is our client. Our call centre is open Monday thru Friday 8:00am-7:00pm and Saturday 8:30 am-5:00 pm. We will be have a full understanding of your event so any customer who calls in will be guided in the right direction.

3. Lowest Rate Guarantee – We have the buying power to negotiate very good hotel rates. We also get each hotel to contractually agree to close out any rates lower than ours. If a team finds a lower rate at a hotel on our list, for the same dates and roomtype, we will get the hotel to match that rate. Guaranteed!

4. We Guarantee Reservations – When a group makes a reservation through Rated Travel, problems with hotels overbooking, changing rates or losing their reservation go away. We will make sure they will have their rooms.

Maximize Your Return:

Performance Fees – Rated Travel signs all hotel contracts protecting you from performance fees, yet the rooms are blocked out and held until your teams make their reservations.

Hotel Rebates – We will negotiate a $10 – $20 per room night rebate into all hotel room rates (your choice), bill the hotels after each tournament, and pay it to you 45 days after each event concludes. You get paid on time, whether the hotels have paid us or not.

Enforce the “Stay and Play” Policy – Rated Travel enforces the “stay and play” policy which ensures team books to attend you event. We know where everyone is booked at all times, so we can accurately calculate what’s owed by the hotels. We have the hotels contractually agree to not take teams direct and book around our block. Our teams does a crosscheck to make sure we get capture every roomnight. If hotel #’s drop more than 2% pick-up from our system, we ask to review their in-house reservation list to see why. Events have witnessed an increase of 30% revenue with this in effect – we are one of the only groups that do this properly.

Comp Rooms – We negotiate the most aggressive comp ratios possible into each hotel contract for staff, officials & VIP’s. If you still need more rooms than what is earned, then we’ll negotiate reduced rate room blocks for you. This is also dependant on how many rooms booked at these properties over event dates.

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